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A busy first half of December started with Proud@Maison in Coventry. As a Coventry virgin I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised, as I found Maison (a Manhattan style bar found in Priory Place in the city centre) to be full of a friendly and stylish crowd.

The music consisted of some solid house music, mainly geared towards the crowd pleasing end of the tech house spectrum.  My original fears of not many people being left to catch my set as I closed the night were dashed, as the night stayed busy right up until the end!

Then it was time for the afterparty, but that’s another story……..

DJS ON THE NIGHT – The Sound Coalition, Louis Proud, Ste Adams, Darren Casey and Adam Masters.

Venue – Maison, Priory Place, Coventry.

Next up… NuPassion@The Emporium. This night is all about upcoming and local Dj talent, not big money headliners, which is a nice change of pace for a superclub which is also a clubbing institution!

The main (blue) room was the place to catch your Trance music with the line up and set times being….. 10–11 James Chadwick, 11–12 Tim Rand & Luigi Palagano, 12–1 Genix & Davey Asprey, 1–2 Danny Bass & Matt Farmer, 2–3 Ben Alonzi & Jamie Harrison, 3–4 Mike Beaumont & Andy Taylor.

Then in room 2 (white room) was the place to catch some house with the line up….. 11–12 Andy Ebrey, 12–1 Adam Masters, 1–2 Robert Glenn, 2–3 Glyn Alan & Neil Curtis, 3–4 Jay Walton & Blaney.

Both rooms were filled with a clued up, friendly crowd, there to show support for their Dj mates as they rocked it, in one of the countries best venues! Dancing and smiles ensued all round and it was a fitting warm up to Passion’s massive New Year’s Eve event!

Venue – The Emporium, Coalville.

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